Jeremy Harris, Lead Pastor

Jeremy is Cornerstone Church’s Lead Pastor. Before coming to Cornerstone, Jeremy served with Youth With a Mission and Act Beyond, leading short-term outreaches to Mexico and Turkey. In 2006, Jeremy and his family turned their short-term mission trips into a long-term stretch, and moved to Turkey as missionaries to the Muslim world. There they immersed themselves in the language and culture, planting churches and empowering Turkish locals to spread the Gospel.

When he’s not busy passionately preaching with his signature Arkansas drawl, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his wife, Alyssa, and their four children, Lindsey, Madeline, Kayra, and Javan. You can often find him fishing in the warm summer months, although he humbly admits he does not catch much.



Angel Washington, Sunday School Leader

Angel serves as Cornerstone’s Sunday School Leader, and is in charge of teaching, curriculum, children’s outreach events, and corralling the rowdy bunch of Sunday School teachers. She graduated with a degree in nursing, and currently works at Theda Clark as Fox Valley’s most amazing labor and delivery nurse.

Angel and her husband Randy have three children, Olivia, Imani, and Levi. She enjoys pursing her hobby of photography, and can often be seen snapping shots at various Cornerstone events. Angel originally hails from Minnesota, and is a Vikings (and Seahawks!) fan. However, she is so amazing that we still love her… even on Packer Sunday.


Josh Kimball, Worship Director

Josh serves as Cornerstone’s Worship Director, and oversees our worship and tech ministries. In addition to this position, he is also a music instructor, where he teaches guitar, drums, bass, piano, and the mandolin. Josh didn’t begin his musical journey until his junior year of high school, and even pursued a degree in Radio, TV, and Film from UW Oshkosh before switching over to a music major in his third year of college.

Josh and his lovely wife Kasey (who also serves as Cornerstone’s Creative Project Coordinator) enjoy playing games and traveling together. One of Josh’s great interests lies in studying the blue whale, as it is the largest mammal on earth and researchers know very little about it. However, the only whales he really cares about are the big blue ones.


Denise Diedrich, Financial Secretary

Denise serves as the Financial Secretary, and is in charge of all payroll, giving, bills, and budget-related happenings at Cornerstone Church. She continues to strengthen her financial muscles through her other position at Community Benefit Tree, where she works as the office manager.

Denise and her husband Dave have 5 children: Amanda, Travis, Heather, Brianna, and Nick. When she’s not busy crunching numbers, Denise enjoys bowling and playing volleyball.


Kasi Frymark, Administrative Assistant

Kasi serves as Cornerstone’s Administrative Assistant. She graduated with degrees in Journalism and Spanish, so (naturally) she pursued a career in the healthcare field as a technical trainer. Some of Kasi’s fondest memories are from her many trips to Mexico as a missionary, and to this day she swears she will never find a better taco than one from a street vendor deep in the mountains of Veracruz.

She currently resides stateside with her handsome husband, Andrew, and their three children, Emmy, Sabrina, and Gabriel. Kasi proudly refers to herself as an “English nerd,” and wrote a 15 page research paper on the proper usage of commas in college (which she claims was riveting work). To this day, she is very good at punctuation.


Kasey Kimball, Creative Project Coordinator

Kasey serves as Cornerstone’s Creative Project Coordinator, where she exercises her creative powers to create and maintain our awesome church website. Kasey attended Concordia University Wisconsin and emerged with a BA in Photography. She currently works as a photographer and studio assistant at Scanlan Studios, in addition to The Fire Arts Studio. (If you can’t tell, she has a thing for the arts!)

Kasey is married to Worship Director Josh Kimball. The two are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first child, and are otherwise parents to three cute cats. Kasey takes her photography expertise home in order to take candids of their furry felines, and admits that she has an embarrassingly large number of cat photos on her phone.



Robin Merline, Facilities Manager

Robin serves as the Facilities Manager, and is in charge of maintenance, carpentry, shoveling, painting, and the overall upkeep and beautification of Cornerstone Church. Robin loves serving the Lord, so you will often find him busy on a Sunday morning collecting offering, serving communion, and greeting visitors.

Robin and his wife Ginger reside in Menasha, and have three daughters and eight grandchildren. He and his wife enjoy going out to eat, especially at their favorite restaurant GingeRootz. Though the taste and quality of the food have a definite role in his love for the place, Robin admits that the name of the restaurant certainly has something to do with it as well.




Stan Kellenberger, Elder

Stan serves as an elder for Cornerstone Church. He studied mathematics and physics at Northern Illinois University, and later continued his education in chemistry, engineering, and paper physics. He landed a job at Kimberly Clark in Neenah, where he worked for 37 years.

Stan and his wife Cheryl have six children and 18 grandchildren, who range from 0 to 23 years. Stan is the recognized inventor of 26 inventions, based on having his name on 26 United States patents. 21 of these are assigned to Kimberly-Clark, and the remaining five are assigned to several clients over the 11 years he worked as a consultant.



Dave Ullmer, Elder

Dave serves as an elder for Cornerstone Church. He received a job at Miller Electric Manufacturing Company at the age of 19, where he continues to work to this day.

Dave and his beautiful wife Shirley have six children and nine grandchildren. Dave gave his heart to the Lord in 1974 after reading the first few chapters of Matthew and realizing that Jesus is the Son of God. You will often find him leading worship (which he’s done since 1989!) with his wife, who accompanies him on the piano as he sings.


Chad Schelfhout, Elder

Chad serves as an elder for Cornerstone Church. He studied computer programming at UW Oshkosh and emerged with a degree in Software Engineering. He currently works for a software company, and has also been employed in the diverse fields of healthcare, sporting goods, and a motor boat company.

Chad and his wife Monica have been blessed with their dream of having six children. When he’s not busy tinkering on computers, Chad enjoys creating delicious dishes in the kitchen, though he does not like to be tied down by the constraints of a recipe. If you are lucky, you will catch him around springtime sporting his culinary excellence in the church kitchen, as he celebrates his yearly tradition of making after-church omelets for the entire congregation.




Greg Rajala, Elder

Greg serves as an elder for Cornerstone Church. He graduated with degrees in Industrial Technology and Mechanical Engineering, and has worked at Aurizon Ultrasonics, Night Owl Consulting, and Kimberly-Clark, for whom he now serves as a contractor.

Greg (together with his wife Janet, who has passed away) have six children and one grandson, Henrik. Greg enjoys working with his hands, and can often be found tinkering away on house projects or working on his car. In his teen years, Greg even designed and built his own snowmobile!